Andy Baker is the SVP/Global Creative Director for the National Geographic Channels (National Geographic Channel & Nat Geo WILD), based out of Washington, DC. Andy oversees all creative materials for the Channels’ marketing campaigns, which includes TV, cinema, outdoor, print, press, digital, and ad sales. In addition to hiring and directing outside creative agencies and production teams, Andy manages, leads, and inspires an internal team of Creative Directors, writers, and designers.

Andy started in the industry in 1994 as a photographer/editor/writer for NBC, ABC and FOX, before moving to National Geographic Channel (NGC) in 2000. Since then, he has helped launch NGC and WILD, and developed thousands of tune-in and brand campaigns for the Channels over the past 14 years. His true passion is being in the field, collaborating and shooting with filmmakers and photographers with the goal of making the best-looking promos on television.

The collaborative creative process is something Andy is also extremely passionate about, and so he launched The Client Blog ( to share case studies of NGC campaigns that were successful examples of collaboration between internal and external creative teams. The blog also gives a peek at what happens “behind closed doors” on the client’s side of the table – something rarely talked about in the industry.

Andy’s creative work has earned the Channels numerous awards over the years, including an Emmy in 2011 and 5 Emmy nominations in the past 3 years. Andy lives in Takoma Park, MD with his wife and two movie-obsessed children.