Did you buy a Canon 7D and are pissed about the T2i?

Well let me ask you a question. Why? Have you seen this camera put thru the paces yet? Have you seen any real world footage across the full gamut of situations you will encounter in your field of work that you bought the Canon 7D for? Or are you outraged because that just seems like the thing to do. Sure at first glance it looks on paper very identical to the Canon 7D which I purchased as soon as it came out. I am not made of money. That took a lot of hard work and saving and I emptied my bank account when I bought that and you know what? I have absolutely no regrets.
It has been an amazing camera for me and has gotten me paying jobs doing both video and stills. At $1700 it was a steal. At $800 the Canon T2i definitely also looks like a great deal. It offers the same video frame rates as the 7D, the same megapixels. Am i furious? No. Not even close. Why? Because I haven’t seen a thing this camera can do yet. It has one Digic IV processor. So that to me indicates it will not be as good in low-light and may have other problems the 7D doesn’t. So what happens if the T2i comes out and I’m wrong? What if it matches the 7D stride for stride in video. Then surely I should be outraged. Right? Wrong. The day and age we live in is one where technological strides have turned to leaps and they happen overnight. If I waited and didn’t buy the 7D when I did, how would I have shot everything I did between now and then. Plus, what would happen if I bought the T2i and then something else comes out for a little over $1000 and is way better. The point is this. If Canon is releasing a T2i for $800 and it has all of the frame rates of the 7D you should be happy. That means now you can get a second camera for cheap if you are in the market. Or if you haven’t been able to afford a DSLR for filming they have now given you the opportunity to get your feet wet. I’m personally extremely excited!
Also what do you think the next camera is going to be like?
So if you’re already mad. Take a deep breath. This camera hasn’t been tested yet in the real world. Technology will always be forever evolving at a more and more rapid pace. So put it all in perspective and buckle up. DSLR’s are going in a very good direction in 2010. But then again that’s just my opinion.
Let me know what you think I’m always up for hearing different opinions and view points. As they say variety is the spice of life.
-Jon Connor
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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    100% agree with you. I purchased my 7D with hard earned pennies as well and when I saw the T2 my first thought was jeez, this sucks…but if I had it to do over again, I'd still have the 7D on my desk right now. Theres no point in trying to keep up with technological innovation…buy what you can, shoot want you want and enjoy it.

  2. james
    james says:

    Thats a great way to look at it. Also, the experience you gained the last year with your 7D is something worth more then money. Your education has probably skyrocketed. $1000 isn't really that much when you look at it all in this light. It was the same way when the 7D came out. All the 5DMkII guys were upset. I look forward to more footage of the T2i.

  3. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    I am a proud 5dMkII owner and I, too, am not concerned about the new T2i being so darn cheap. I am thinking about buying a second body and still not sure that I will be going for the T2i over the 7D.
    Do you think Canon would make a camera (T2i) that has all the same capabilities as another (7D) but at half the price? That would kill the sales of the 7D. I reckon Canon are aware that that would be just plain bad business.
    So there should be some more differences between the 7D and T2i than just body robustness.

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    No regrets about buying my 7D, but I wish the 7D had that 1040k LCD. Especially if you own an aftermarket viewfinder like the Zacuto Z-Finder or LCDVF. The more res the better. But that's life in the world of technology. My 7D beats up on older 1D and 1Ds cameras. Nothing is static. Just means that future 7Ds will be that much better. And it means anyone can pick up a nice second body for a very reasonable price. But I wonder what the 60D will look like. There isn't much room between the T2i and the 7D.

  5. Wuja
    Wuja says:

    Yep – but what should I do when I ordered 7D last friday and I'm going to get him today! Damn – is it NOW worth this money as a year ago? I am no so sure anymore …

  6. Paul Hamingson
    Paul Hamingson says:

    I gotta say as a recent 7D purchaser, all of the tech stuff is just icing on the cake. What I truly love about the camera is that it opened up my eyes to the world around me all over again. I told a friend it was like driving to work in a Camry every day and going downstairs to find an F1 racer in the driveway. It's taken me a while to master some of the details (that number in the lower right of the viewfinder? max burst frames. wow – now how do I blow through 93 jpegs in less than a quarter minute…) but I love thinking in images (still and moving) all over again. To the new T2i owners to be, I can only say: "Welcome to the party!!!"

  7. j
    j says:

    Wuja as far as I am concerned ABSOLUTELY worth every penny. I will get my hands on a T2i to do some testing but the 7D gives you sooooo much camera for 1699 there is nothing in that price range that can compete. It is an amazing camera and you should feel very very happy with your purchase. Once you shoot with it you'll see.
    Thanks James,Daniel,and Paul all very good insights.
    Jon Connor

  8. Dustin
    Dustin says:

    People just need to chill out. Between the iPad and T2i I thought Twitter was going to blow up with all the complaining.

    Anytime you buy any technology you need to buy it knowing there's a good possibility something better and cheaper will be rolling out in 4-6 months. If you're not good with that then don't buy it. Even if T2i is on par with 7D, so what? #1 it's great that some might have a good 2nd camera at a ridiculously cheap price point, but (#2) even better is those peeps that couldn't ever dream of affording a grand more for the 7D might just be able to afford this camera. I don't know about you, but I'm really REALLY excited for those folks. I couldn't afford 5DM2 but I remember how excited I was when I had just enough to afford 7D. This could potentially be a great day for many folks who couldn't afford a 7D and a really great day for all film makers as even more folks have an opportunity to potentially make good movies.

    Ok, my rant is done…..for now.

    P.S. Jon, thanks for all the work you do on this site!

  9. Wuja
    Wuja says:

    Hello again. I just got my 7D. And you know what – there is no way I will return it! This is the best piece of foto/video hardware I have ever had in my hands! Comparing to my old 350D (which looks even similar to new 550D and is the same entry level as 550D) this is like heaven and earth. And – as I already spent those money – I'd rather be in heaven now … All the best everybody!

    PS And I just found next differnce – 7D has additional B&W LCD with exposure data – very important IMHO (when you use live view) and obsolete in 550D … not talking about problems with Z-finder or LCDVF which don't pass to new 550D LCD size …

  10. Derek
    Derek says:

    Even if they look identical…in the long run, what you are paying for is the ability to use SLR glass. If you really want the best image possible, worry about the $3K+ you could shell out per lens! It make the $900ish difference in body price not such a big deal. 🙂

  11. j
    j says:

    Good point Derek! Wuja I don't want to say I told you but… haha just kidding. You are definitely in heaven. I am too. The Canon 7D is the single greatest purchase I have ever made. I never back anything I am not 100 percent confident or satisfied in and I just feel in love with this camera.
    Chad I will check out that link now.

  12. Dwarak
    Dwarak says:

    There is a reason why the T2i is so cheap because it is cheap the same mega pixels but different sensor…….Canon is not going to give away an expensive camera cheap its classified as a beginners DSLR and 7D is more semi pro


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