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  1. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    Interesting that is permeated enough into the media culture to get a feature from USA Today but that story is terribly boring from a lack of talent charisma, flat shots, and straight iMovie edits. Which is ironic to the question the talent asks, "Why can't I just shoot video on my 5D?"

  2. Robin Schmidt
    Robin Schmidt says:

    God that's lame. If you notice he's demonstrating the eyespy deluxe with an additional handle and the handlebar mount, which doesn't actually come with it. If you buy the eyespy deluxe out of the box it's completely useless ergonomically, but that setup isn't too bad. They also never sell the hoodman with it (at least not in the UK) so Redrock are possibly guilty of some misrepresentation there, bless em. Hey at least it's vaguely affordable, unlike Za (shoot you) cuto with their 'let's put a hot girl in all the promotional materials and people will buy anything we want them to' mentality. So so arrogant.

  3. j
    j says:

    Andrew hahahaha I couldn't agree more I thought it was pretty hilarious how bad the video was that was talking about DSLR's. I only posted it because like you said I thought it was" interesting that it's permeated enough into the media culture to get a feature from USA Today" Robin I agree with everything in your comment except the Zacuto part. I agree with the expensive part and I may be biased as I have met Steve Weiss on a number of occasions as well as having the pleasure of meeting a bunch of the Zacuto staff while in Chicago on a recent trip. Let me give you an example the Z-Finder while it may be expensive also comes with a lifetime guarantee. That is a very very longtime and could be very expensive if they didn't believe the product they were making was durable and of the highest quality. Be that as it may I respect you and thank you for expressing your opinion on here. That is the point of this site. It's not so one person can get on their soapbox and be the be all end all but rather that many different people with different viewpoints can join in the discussion. We hope to really develop the community aspect in the months to come. So thank you both 🙂
    Jon Connor


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