Filmmaker Spotlight: Canon Filmmakers Live Alumni Chad Calcagno

I am posting this music video because I had the privilege of meeting the super-cool and very talented Chad Calcagno of Quanti Studios at our Canon Filmmakers Live Event in Philadelphia. He drove across the entire state of Pennsylvania because he is dedicated to honing his craft. I think this video is the perfect example of the fact that it is not about the camera. The camera is only a tool. He was able to get some gorgeous footage using an HVX200 a Redrock adapter and (gasp) Nikon Lenses. I am clearly joking about Nikon. I think they have great glass it’s just that to this point, unfortunately,they have not been able to compete with Canon DSLR’s on the video side.

For more info please visit Quanti Studios.


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  1. Nancy Kelly
    Nancy Kelly says:

    This Calgagno kid has real talent! The video is terrific — makes me want to go out and buy Spontaneo’s Bad Weather CD. He elicits nuanced performances from the band members, and his edits and shots (Nikon lenses or no)are exceptionally professional. My prediction: big things ahead!

    • Jon Connor
      Jon Connor says:

      Couldn’t agree more Nancy! I was totally kidding about the Nikon lenses just because this site is called Canon Filmmakers. But Chad’s talent is unbelievable! I certainly expect to see big things from him,plus,he’s a super cool guy to boot!


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