One Week in Florence ~ One Bag

When Jon and I first got together one of the things we always found ourselves discussing was travel. We both have very different backgrounds as far as travel goes… I was lucky enough to travel around the world since my father lived overseas and Jon hadn’t travelled much at all. Over the last year, we’ve been lucky enough to finally start travelling for work and we love it. Usually, when we travel together packing is never an issue… 4 carry ons and 2 checked bags is more than enough for our gear. This time I got hired to shoot with Julie Hill from Elysium Productions in Florence, Italy. Of course I wanted to take ALL my gear including my Kessler Crane Pocket Jib but I knew travelling alone overseas with a huge amount of gear was a bad idea. Somehow I was able to get a tripod, monopod, glidecam, and a slider along with a weeks worth of clothes into one bag under 50 pounds! I was very impressed with myself! I also had a ton of gear I carried on ~ 5d, T21, Kessler Pocket Dolly v2, Delkin suction cup mount, Leathermen, and of course my new Sony TX5.

I decided to shoot an unpacking video just in case anyone needs any packing tips 🙂

View from the roof of our hotel… Can you say AWESOME!


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  1. Todd Mizomi
    Todd Mizomi says:

    I travel to Japan twice a year and this video was really helpful to me. I had a few questions:

    which model of monopod are you using? I know the stillmotion guys use the 561BHDV but that’s been out of stock everywhere for a while now. Thinking of getting the 562 and mounting a 501 head on it.

    How do you get around the weight limit of your carry-on luggage? I know the check-in luggage weight limit is 50lbs, which is why I carry-on my heavier camera gear. But lately the airlines have started weighing carry-ons as well, especially if it looks like a camera bag.


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