Home Sweet Home ~ Lessons Learned + 5d Died for 24hrs.

After a week in Florence with the 5d and GoPro, I’m home. I finished editing all the timelapses I shot and thought I’d share. My favorite timelapse out of all of them is the last won.

Here’s a list of accessories I used that I’ll never travel without again:

Fat Gecko Dual Suction Camera Mount

Ultra Clamp

Singh-Ray Vari-ND

Sony TX5

Lessons Learned:

1. After waking up at 5am to do a timelapse of the sunrise and it failing miserably due to excessive flicker, I have vowed to never use AV mode, or any other automated feature, again. I’m not sure what I’ll do from now on but I’ve been researching it on timescapes.org and hope to do some tests soon.

2. If you or anyone you know will be travelling out of Florence please take this warning seriously ~ Avoid that airport at all cost! One of my travel companions had to pay $200 because her bag was overweight and eventhough there was a line out the door to check bags, they were checking EVERYTHING. Quite a painful experience. When I got to security I was sent back to the ticket counter to check my Pocket Dolly since apparently metal isn’t allowed on the plane… Seriously? Oh, and they took my gaffers tape 🙁

So now for the nitty gritty… The last day of our trip to Florence was the day of the wedding I was filming with Julie Hill from Elysium Productions. Everything went great… the weather was perfect, the location was gorgeous, and cameras were happy ~ no overheating. At the end of the night I was ready to go home but I decided to stick around to try my hand at a star timelapse. I was set and ready to go when my shutter would no longer fire. Nothing, no noise, no warning, nothing. I tried using my intervalometer to trick the camera but no luck. The only time the shutter would fire was in live mode which wasn’t gonna work since I needed to go lower than a 1/30th. I’m not sure what exactly happened and I will be contacting Canon today to see if they can help. Since I have a ton of shoots coming up I may not be able to wait and have to buy a new camera… probably a 7d.

*Literally as I was writing this post Jon started playing around with my 5d and got the shutter to work! Yay! But why did that happen for a whole day? He changed my ISO expansion settings and it worked… Not sure what that’s all about but now I’m scared. May need to buy that extra 7d anyways 😉 Anyone else experience anything similar?

*I’m totally guilty of copying Philip Bloom with the timelapse out of the airplane… I saw the one he did on his way to Philly for Canon Filmmakers Live and loved it. I’m excited to play around with the GoPro a bit more… especially with an egg timer.


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  1. Ron
    Ron says:

    I have found that when my 5DMKII and 7D are non responsive re-attaching the lens always solves the problem. Maybe it’s a communication issue between camera (dirty contacts.), not really sure, but in virtually every situation it solves the problem.

    • Cristina Valdivieso
      Cristina Valdivieso says:

      Hmm… good question. I wish I had brought another tripod and a better bag to carry stuff around but I can’t think of anything I wish I hadn’t taken. Oh, maybe less clothes so I could fit that extra tripod 🙂

  2. Richard Adams
    Richard Adams says:

    Really inspiring vid, thank you. I’ve been looking at the GoPro’s for a while, I’m probably going to pick one up this week before a surf trip. Do you have any tips/tricks for time lapses with it? Any issues also?

  3. Denis O'Keefe
    Denis O'Keefe says:

    Nice Florence pictures, looks like great photographs wherever you turn.
    A thought on buying a second camera – you really ought to have a backup and in my experience having two of the same cameras is important. If things go bad in the middle of a shoot you don’t need the extra stress of figuring out which camera has which buttons or what lens is wide, which is long, etc.
    A pair of 5D or a pair of 7D cameras can be expensive but when things go south it will look like a great investment.

  4. LT
    LT says:

    Great timelapses, love the road shots with pigeon frame.
    all very nice.

    Don’t feel bad about copying the “Brit” he pinched that idea off me ….. I think ….. check out the post.


    also if your doing tons of GoPro HD time lapses you need to
    see this post.



    I look forward to seeing your egg timer!

  5. jon golden
    jon golden says:


    If none of the above suggestions work for regaining control of camera.. My Canon Pro Rep has told me to d/l the latest version of firmware and re-install it on startup (assuming you can do that) – this puts a fresh set of brains into the camera.

    Nice stuff on this site.. have bookmarked it after Philip for my daily travels on web.

    Jon in Norway


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