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  1. Jim Tierney
    Jim Tierney says:

    Would have been nice if they’d showed the same shot taken with each camera, like the Zacuto series of tests of the DSLRs vs. Film.

    Not really sure what this proves other than that the AF100 is a nice camera which, unless Pany really f’d things up, we pretty much expected.

  2. Richard van den Boogaard
    Richard van den Boogaard says:

    Wow! Seems these days that every DSLR blog is talking about this camera…

    What I like about this approach is how you can combine it with DSLRs, instead of positioning it as the ultimate “DSLR killer”.

    This gets me more in the mood of wanting one, but I am shying away from yet another investment in expensive glass. If only Panasonic would allow for me to use my Canon glass and still have iris control from the camera… their own glass is way too slow for it to be usable.

    • Randy Robinson
      Randy Robinson says:

      They’re coming out with new glass for that camera soon. To bad this video didn’t show any quick pans, or brick walls. It did show a crate or screen in the background that looked like it was moving the 5D does that a lot on certain things, even cement sometimes. I just wish they’d showed the same shot with the AF-100 to compare. Look at 22 seconds into this in the background under the stairs.

      • Richard van den Boogaard
        Richard van den Boogaard says:

        I am not looking for an invitation to buy new lenses. I have made my investment. I want a recording block that solves some of the issues I have with the DSLRs. If they come up with an EF-mount that allows for in camera control of IRIS (and perhaps autofocus) on Canon series lenses, then I am a happy man… Then again, you’ll never get very wide angles due to the 2x crop factor (going from full frame to 4/3rds), so you end up having to buy 4/3rd wide angles.

  3. Fost
    Fost says:

    Wish they’d done some on camera shots with the 5D.
    I find rolling shutter skew on the 5D is most noticeable from cars.

    As it stands the AF100 seemed to exhibit no rolling shutter issues. Hope this is the same on final production versions 🙂

  4. Edu
    Edu says:

    Those who insist in defending the 5D images here really sound like soccer team fans… sorry that you can’t (or won’t) see how the 5D images are full of aliasing and moire problems… just look again, it’s really clear to see the difference, and if that doesn’t bother you, seems you are really still photographers (or amateur) surfing in the cinema/video business.

  5. Mike Brand
    Mike Brand says:

    Moire and aliasing on DSLR’s is caused from scaling down the image from a high resolution sensor.

    The AF100 sensor is completely redesigned specifically for video, it is a not a 21 megapixel imager like the 5D, it is more in the 2-3 megapixel range, so we probably won’t see much aliasing or moire issues.

    Mike Brand

  6. Matt Davis
    Matt Davis says:

    I’m looking at the blacks – Canon footage has lovely deep rich blacks, but that’s not necessarily what you want all the time. Especially if that’s raw footage. I’m sure highlight control is taken care of, but for me the Canons do it at the expense of nothing in the shadow areas. Does the AF100 pick this up?

    Is there the equivalent of CineGamma 4 on the AF100?

    Looking at tyres, under car shadows… on EX CG4, you can push it back down in post. Is this what was done on the AF100 shots to match the Canon?

  7. Richard van den Boogaard
    Richard van den Boogaard says:

    Too bad the AF100 will likely not feature a built-in LANC connection. This would be a great reason for people to start buying Panasonic lenses, if it means they can be remotely controlled with it.

    Aside from using this a preferred faster-motion and interview cam, I like to be able mount this thing to a crane. But without internal remote control (via LANC) you have to buy both a few extra wide 4/3rd lenses (after all, your nice-n-wide 24mm EF lens becomes a not-so-wide 48mm due to the 2x crop) AND external motors to control them. That quickly ups the price…

    If you would be able to control such glass remotely, it would be totally worth the extra investment. Hope someone at Panasonic is reading this.

  8. Schwing
    Schwing says:

    The AF100 looks to be in the price range of the RED Scarlet… unfortunate. That said, the Scarlet’s been delayed and delayed and delayed, so the AF100 will probably have enough time on the market to find some buyers. 😛

  9. Enrique
    Enrique says:

    Well, the problem with this camera is not the camera itself, is the lenses. If you want a good wide angle, let´s say a 24, you need a 12mm. Everyone knows it´s very difficult to build good lenses in that range, and even more if you want them to be fast.

    The standard lens for 5D would be a 50mm f1.4, around 350 bocks, to equal this you need a 24mm f1.4!!! it´s just not there. That´s cause in this video most of the shots with the Pana are made with long lenses.

    So yes, it´s a good camera for tele photo shots.

  10. Chad Nickle
    Chad Nickle says:

    Meh. Ill take the low light capabilities of the DSLR’s for now, eventually they will come out with something that will solve all our problems, and make us breakfast in the morning to boot 🙂

  11. rob
    rob says:

    Fast Wide lenses for 4/3 exist, and are not that expensive.

    Oly 11-22mm 2.8-3.5
    Oly 12-60mm 2.8-4.0
    Oly 14-35mm 2.0 fixed

    Panny lecia 25mm 1.4
    Panny 20mm 1.7
    Nokton 25mm 0.95

    Remember a 25mm design for a 4/3 sensor is not as hard to design as a 25mm for a FF sensor because it has to cover a smaller sensor which keeps the size and cost stay low

  12. Martin
    Martin says:

    Nice film!
    …..I’ve a 7D, 5D mkII and an Alfa GT…..Sorry, I’d better watch it again as I wasn’t really looking at which video footage was which but I did notice (in order) Mito, Guilietta, 147 and 159 models


  13. adam
    adam says:

    Hey , great videos. what impresses the most is the quality of the video after being uploaded to the web. Can i please know what were the exact settings of compression ? and also what format was used to upload to web ? (codec details , bit rate …et.c.)

    thanks once agin , GREAT WORK!

  14. Brandon Best
    Brandon Best says:

    The 5D looks great for blocked shots with not a lot of movement. The Panasonic shots were amazing for the car shots, especially since there was not a lot of focus issues. I think the two work very well together. Most people who are skilled with cinematography understand that DSLR’s serve a purpose, and should not be the only camera used (unless it’s all you have).


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