Zacuto Wins an Emmy !

On January 29th, 2010 Cristina and I headed off to Chicago to help out Zacuto with an amazing and very daunting to say the least, project they were undertaking.
“The Great Camera Shootout 2010″ a three part web series where gunslinging HD DSLRs faced-off against legendary 35mm Film. The webisodic series showcased the top performing hybrid HD-DSLR cameras: Canon: 5D MKII, 7D, 1D, 550D/T2i Rebel, Nikon D3s, Panasonic GH1 and compared the image quality of these cameras against the gold standard of 35mm film.
“This was an enormous undertaking,” says Steve Weiss Web Series Director, “and great care was taken to make this an apples-to-apples test with scientific accuracy behind it.”
Zacuto Films Web Series Credits Include: Producers: Jens Bogehegn, Steve Weiss and Scott Lynch. Web Series Director: Steve Weiss. Director of Photography: Jens Bogehegn. Editor: Daniel Skubal.

Zacuto brought in Philip Bloom, Robert Primes ASC, and many others to make sure this was done to the highest level possible. To have been behind the scenes,witnessed and took part in the hard work that went into this is an honor. Kudos to Zacuto for stepping up to the plate and delivering a fantastic and informative series to the independent filmmaking community. This is also very cool because it has really opened the door for indie filmmakers in another respect as “FilmFellas” and “The Great Camera Shootout 2010” were the only web based programs included in the nominations and the selected shows were going up against major television and cable programs. “I never saw this one coming, but I’m happy to be nominated,” says Web Series Director Steve Weiss, “It’s so much fun making the shows…this is such an added bonus.”


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