30 Second Film Festival: Challenge #1

So we are going to be starting a new series of 30 second challenges called the “:30 Film Festival.” Our first challenge should be interesting and very fun. For this first contest the winner gets a $100 gift card for B&H. As we continue on with this series, if there is enough interest generated, we will up the ante prize-wise. Judges for this contest will be Cristina Valdivieso and myself ( Jon Connor) along with celebrity judge Philip Bloom.

Here’s the challenge:
1) Must be a parody/recreation of a movie released in the last 18 months from beginning to end.
2) Must be 30 seconds or shorter.
3) Can be shot on any camera. Not limited to Canon. Use whatever you can get your hands on from an iPhone to an Arri Alexa. The camera is just a tool.
4) Please post a link to your video below in the comment section or upload it to our Canon Filmmakers Vimeo Group.
5) Entries must be received by 12 p.m. Wednesday, November 17th 2010.
The main judging criteria is imagination and creativity. Most of all try to have fun with it.

I know you can all do better then this but below is an example of the general idea for the contest. Just remember yours has to be 30 seconds or less.


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  1. Neil Russell
    Neil Russell says:

    Oh well. I shot for 30 and couldn’t get below 40, and I’m a real butcher at the editing booth.
    I’m linking to my parody of the Cameron smash Avatar, although it probably would have helped had I actually seen it.
    It was great fun to knock something out in a hurry, but I was a little displeased with my final keying.
    And the length, next time for sure; 30 seconds.


    Shot on a Canon T2i
    Tokina 28mm prime
    Edited in Vegas, effects done in FXHome’s Compositelab and Effectslab.


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