Concept Film Shot Entirely on the 5d: “The Key”

“The Key” was written by Adam Forgione, Bobby Shortle, and RJ Weyant. This concept film began as a vision from the moment Adam met with his wedding client Linda and Mark Spencer. They were up for something different and the light bulb went off for Adam after recently watching his friend Kevin Shahinian’s feature film “Sno.” The screenplay was written from scratch three times. The last one (this one) was conceptualized and finished days before the first scheduled shoot which was a good way to start off the stressful adventure. Everyone involved was amazing and inspirational. We hope you enjoy!

Starring : Linda DeNoia, Mark Spencer, Russ Camarda, Ben Hyland, Lisa Fiore, and Doug Catoggio

Directed By Adam Forgione

Written By Adam Forgione, Bobby Shortle, RJ Weyant

Cinematography by Adam Forgione, RJ Weyant, Bobby Shortle

Equipment used : Canon 5dMK2′sCanon L-series lensesCinevate AtlasGlidecamKessler Cranes,Edirol/Roland R44 & R09Pluraleyes

Opening logo graphic design by Video Copilot

Color Grading by NewBlueFX


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  1. Gerald Meyer
    Gerald Meyer says:

    Absolutly AMAZING !!! Brilliant !!! WOW – I love the
    film and I´m deeply impressed about the overall quality !!!!

    Best regards


  2. adam forgione
    adam forgione says:

    hey everyone thanks so mich for the kind words. the russia scene was shot in Long Island, NY (lol). the russian soldier almost shot was actually Bobby Shortle, one of the cameramen/producers of the film. funny actaully!

  3. Brandon
    Brandon says:

    Dang, this looks fantastic. How’d you export for web and get such a great look? What tools from NewBlueFX did you use? I have them, but never been able export it to look like this…


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