Music Video Shot on the Panasonic AF-101 by Philip Bloom

So we made it back home from London… It was a great trip for quite a few reasons but one of the highlights was getting to work with Philip Bloom on what turned out to be a great music video shoot for Turin Brakes

Ever since the announcement of the Panasonic AF-101 I’ve been adamant about it not being worth it… Before you chew my head off let me just explain.

Prior to using Canon’s line of DSLRs, the only video cameras I had owned were the Canon XL2 and the XHA1. This may already clearly explain to you why I instantly fell in love with my 5d 🙂 Of course we’ve all wanted the DSLR technology in a traditional video camera with basic things like xlr inputs and a reasonable time limit but will that happen and if so, when? Regardless of where that is headed, Panasonic was able to come out with a remarkable video camera at quite a reasonable price. Yes, I was extremely impressed with the funtionality and results of the AF-101 from the music video shoot. Check it out… Philip did a great job and read more about the shoot on Philip’s blog.

Make sure to check out some of the photos I took in London with Philip’s AMAZING Leica M9:


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  1. Alexander Manton
    Alexander Manton says:

    Love the colors and the location, but gosh that’s a painful song just to get a whole listen to. Its like I wanted to fast forward it constantly. I don’t think it would ever make airplay (of course I could be wrong…). But, nice minimalistic use of the location.


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