All Good Things Must Come To An End

We have had a great time trying to help educate and strengthen the industry with our efforts here. Unfortunately, not everyone shares our vision. It is pretty sad because this site was never about making money. We did this out of love and to try to “pay it forward.” We have followed the lead of many others in the industry in trying to give back without expecting anything in return. We won’t go into to many details because we aren’t lawyers and we don’t know what we can and cannot say. Anyway, we have been contacted and told we are no longer legally allowed to operate this site. We appreciate all of your support over the last 2 years. This started as a simple idea and developed into a great resource and community. I’m sure we could try to fight this but, we just simply don’t have the time, money or resources. So, it looks like this is the last stop. It is a pretty sad state of affairs though, when you try to do something out of the genuine goodness of your heart. You spend countless, thankless hours researching, writing, traveling and really trying to build something great, only to have it all taken away from you in the blink of an eye. It’s not fair. But life isn’t. If we had it all to do over again we would. We met amazing people. Helped a ton of people with questions and had some of our own answered along the way. You have all been instrumental in our success here and for that we are forever thankful. We are going to use this time off to work on our businesses that were actually created to make a profit. In the meantime, the site should be up for a few days longer so, definitely take advantage of the content while you still can. Again, our sincerest thanks to all of you and our apologies that it had to come to such an abrupt end. We wish we had something whimsical to say. Some dramatic farewell speech. Perhaps, softly in the background you hear “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” playing 😉
Instead we leave you with this:
“Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.” – Garrison Keillor
Not happy about the end of this site? Let them know what you think below.

Also here is our latest tutorial on how to get the absolute best out of your camera. Some text has been sanitized for legal purposes. Hopefully this helps everyone immensely.

All the best,
Jon + Cristina


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      • David
        David says:

        Y’know… ya’ll don’t say what the “problem” is so we are left to assume… And the best guess is trademark infringement… Solution is simple: Rename the site, removing the trademark from the title, change all references in the copy and become “DSLR Filmmakers” or somesuch :-/

        I for one hate to see a good thing go to waste 🙁

        • Paul
          Paul says:

          I think you should change the name to “Cannon Filmmakers” or “nonaC Filmmakers”, or maybe “WeAreInNoWayAffiliatedWithCanon Filmmakers”. I love Canon’s products, but man what douches and to think that it was about the freest and best advertising they could get. Too bad for them, now they are getting bashed all over the internet, especially twitter, smooth marketing move for them. Good luck in the rest of your ventures and keep up the good work!


  1. Nathanael
    Nathanael says:

    This truly sucks. It’s typical that something that genuinely offers great info and insight has to shut down like this.

    Just a few months ago a local youth theater company was forced to close down due to lack of funding. They produced some of the best theatrical performances ever and when I went to rehearse for a play I was in we were told it had to shut down. It was horrible.

    I’m gutted for you guys! Thanks a million for everything you have done though, all the hard work will pay off eventually.


  2. Steve
    Steve says:

    Sad to see this happen guys! Loved checking out this site. Wish it didn’t have to go. Hope you guys do well with the business you’ve been building up. Cheers.

  3. Gert
    Gert says:

    Thank you Christina and Jon for all the time and effort you put in to this great website. I can’t believe they asked you to take it down. Especially after two years.

    I really wonder why someone would tear down so much work like this. And I can only guess who that is. But let me tell them this: your effort was payed by us all. We, the people who payed for your product, worked with it, loved it, talked about it, shared information about it…..made others buy your product.

    With removing websites like this one you will not become stronger. These websites are the roots of your tree. And if you remove them, your business will start to decline.

    This is the wrong moment to take down your business. Especially after what happened in Japan. To rebuilt business there, you need sales all over the world. Sales which is generated by happy clients who share the love for the product and share your name with proud. Just because they love it.

    Please don’t take that love away.


  4. matthieu
    matthieu says:

    WTH you guys did such an amazing job helping out. Hope this won’t get you in “trouble” and looking forward to seeing you rebound “somewhere else” best of luck and keep up the good work. You guys are amazing

  5. Karen Abad
    Karen Abad says:

    I really appreciate the hard work that you guys have put into this. The information and resources you have provided for independent filmmakers has absolutely been invaluable. Don’t let this get you down. Should you choose to continue this type of work, change the name.


    ‘Fuck em if they can’t take a joke.’

  6. Timothy Matthias
    Timothy Matthias says:

    there goes the party… and the quality info… at least for now.
    “Love does not cause suffering: what causes it is the sense of ownership, which is love’s opposite” -Antoine de Saint-Exupery

  7. Ray
    Ray says:

    Um. huh? Are you implying that you have to take down the site just because it has Canon in the name? Cause it seems like this could be any HDDLSR site and by removing the Canon from the name you’d still have a site. I’m assuming it’s not that easy but really what, other than that, is the beef?

  8. Marcus
    Marcus says:

    Wow. I’m at a complete loss of words. You guys have been rocking out. I personally thank you for help to introduce the world to DSLR filmmaking and contributing to the popularity of a corporate entity. Out your passion for filmmaking you’ve inspired us who aren’t able to have access to the tools or professionals. I will never forget that CFLive kicked off in Philly and it was a blast! This past weekend I was reviewing Cristina’s Glidecam tutorial just to refresh my skill set. Without that, I’d probably be still unbalanced and wobbling shots with that fricking apparatus.
    Nonetheless, the culture of DSLR filmmaking have immensely evolved, and the corporate wigs want all of the pie at any cost. Understood. You guys built this house. Nothing to be sad about. Cheers!

    I will always be CFLive or Die…until then I’m gonna continue to Breathe, Create, and Inspire the CFLive way!!!!



  9. Dave
    Dave says:

    Thanks for all the work it was appreciated. There are always speed bumps along the way, dont let them slow ya down. Keep rockin and looking forward to when you’re up and running again.

  10. Kevin H.
    Kevin H. says:

    Keep strong you guys! You both created an amazing resource for professional and budding filmmakers alike.
    It is sad that some people think you don’t represent what their products are all about. You have great heart and passion for the craft. Your efforts will be rewarded in other ways, of this I am certain 🙂

    Sign me up for the next (Insert New Name here) Filmmakers Live event!!!

  11. Johannes S. Beals
    Johannes S. Beals says:

    This is just a speedbump in the road of life. This may slow you down, but it’ll only make you two stronger! Thanks for everything that you do! Look forward to the future with you guys!

  12. Beth Oslander
    Beth Oslander says:

    Wow, they truly don’t understand how much money THEY are losing by you promoting their product. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face!! How about the name: nonaC Filmmakers? Lol. Soooo sorry to see it this end this way. They need to fire their marketing person! This makes no sense.

  13. Chad Nickle
    Chad Nickle says:

    Wow Canon, you do realize that you are alienating your customer base. Stupid move, I think my next purchase might have to be a Sony. Lawyers are the lowest form of scum on the planet IMHO.

    • Dave C
      Dave C says:

      All the more reason to ignore them and do what you want! This is OUR America folks, and until we ride together against any type of “rulership”, we have only ourselves to blame.

  14. Ray R
    Ray R says:

    Screw Canon! Go and register and I’ll make the jump. It’s amazing that they would take down a site dedicated to educating DSLR users and promoting Canon product. I wonder who the moron was behind that decision. You are two classy and gracious people and only better things can be coming your way. Thank yo for your friendship and commitment to the industry!

  15. Kenneth Stillman
    Kenneth Stillman says:

    Although I do not shoot with DSLRs yet it truly is a shame to lose an educational resource. If they had two brain cells to rub together they would see how educating the customer has worked wonders for Apple computer. Nobody wants to buy a complicated tool and not get proper instruction on how to use it.

    They can take away the name, but they can’t take away your spirit. Carry on.

  16. Jenna von Elling
    Jenna von Elling says:

    What what what???? Wow. I was one of your “silent followers” but had to write and say I’m so sorry to see you go. I met you guys in DC and had a great time at the Phillip Bloom workshop. Thanks so much for all you’ve done.

  17. Kaipo
    Kaipo says:

    So sorry to hear this. I think it sucks that this happening. Keep your heads up, you did an amazing thing and helped thousands of people. Take the time off to recharge. I know another great idea from you both will come up soon! Y’all are my friends, bad-ass rockstars and good people.

  18. Samuel Hall
    Samuel Hall says:

    Unbelievable. This is a complete shock to me. You guys have have been a constant source of quality info and inspiration. You’re also great people and I hate to see bad things happen to you. I don’t understand at all.

    Let’s not let this destroy the great community of film-makers that has sprung up because of these cameras and your and many others’ efforts to get the most out of them. We’re with you no matter what you’re site is called.

  19. John Marc Green
    John Marc Green says:

    So glad I got the chance to meet you and take advantage of the great workshop you hosted in Atlanta. Best wishes in your future work. Very sorry for the current situation, it’s very unfortunate. Thank you for all you have done to help build the community.

  20. DC Reels
    DC Reels says:

    No worries guys, the next site we’ll be even better and we’ll bookmark that one, too. As a wise man once said, ‘this shit ain’t over.’

  21. Carl Olson
    Carl Olson says:

    Jon + Cristina: I’m so sorry to hear about this. While I understand the desire, and, yes, need, to protect a trademark, I think sometimes corporate suits loose perspective. The positive publicity you provided via this site, and strongly reinforced by the wildly popular Canon Filmmakers Live events earlier this spring, is so valuable. I don’t understand how that value is missed by the suits. It would have made far more sense for Canon to induct the both of you into their Explorers of Light program, and work with you in sponsoring Canon Filmmakers. What on earth are the Canon people thinking??

    Going forward, I have no doubt you will do well. Few have accomplished so much in so short a time period to encourage filmmaking with HDSLR’s.

  22. Sebastian
    Sebastian says:

    This could have been one HELL of a cooperation; awesome skill level, technical, professional as well as personally and humoristic, in combination with great gear, how could that fail.
    But now you just have a whole entire community that is kind of mad at the ones causing this site to shut down…

    Jon and Christina, although I’m from overseas I had the great chance to meet you in Philly, you both are GREAT people, as I said not only professional but also very very kind and fun people!
    I’m sure, somehow you’ll be able to keep the good work up, just “somewere else”

    PS: I’d love to meet you guys again, before I leave in August!

  23. David Perry
    David Perry says:

    Love you and grateful for all you have done. Thanks for the inspiration – and no one can stop that no matter what they try to put down. Just know you are loved…. a lot.

  24. Chris Weatherly
    Chris Weatherly says:

    Jon and Cristina,

    It’s sad to see Canon is forcing this on you guys. I understand to some degree why corporations want to protect their name. However seeing the resources you guys have provided to the HDSLR community I would think Canon would want to incorporate you in to their branding!

    It was so nice to meet you guys in person during the CFLive tour. You all have done great work and I know this is merely a bump in the road.

    Thanks so much for all the time and energy you guys have put into making this site a success for so many of us that just want to share information and better our craft.

  25. Nadia
    Nadia says:

    Nooo! I only recently discovered your site. Good luck with everything and I hope you’ll be back soon in another guise.

  26. Anton
    Anton says:

    Screw “them” for this. The Mark III should have come out a year ago. I hope the FS100, AF100 and Epic take all of their market share and they go back to serving photogs.

  27. Mike Gonzales
    Mike Gonzales says:

    Jon and Cristina,

    Thank you for all the work you both put in to help share and educate all of us! It was a pleasure to meet the both of you at the LA Film makers live show. Your passion and dedication is what this art is all about. Be proud of the community and following you built. I look forward to your future efforts and creative work. Keep it up!

    You guys Rock!

    Mike Gonzales

  28. Connor Crosby
    Connor Crosby says:

    Wow, that is truly sad. I am really sorry to hear that. My site is the same way, made to help people, not to make money. I hope the future of my site is not the same because of the name 🙁

    Good luck on whatever you will do after this. I hope they change their minds and allow you to keep the site.

  29. Kristen Turick
    Kristen Turick says:

    oh man… not cool. not cool at all.

    j+c… know that you two are awesome, inspiring and full of honest to goodness goodness. thank you for all you’ve done. i know you’ll be back and it will be better than ever. 🙂

    much love and support

  30. Chad Dyle
    Chad Dyle says:

    I’m really hoping that Canon had nothing to do with this. I have to think that it was something else because a name change would have fixed the problem and you are doing something that encourages people to buy their products and teaches them how to use them.
    Whatever the cause, I’m sorry to see the site go and I’m sure all of the people that have passed through it are to. We all know the hard work and time that you two have put into it. I also think you should have expected some type of monetary compensation for all the time you had to spend with Bloom 😉
    Good luck in the future and I know you two will stay busy!

    -Chad Dyle

  31. Bill Vincent
    Bill Vincent says:

    Wow, this news sucks. Regardless, I want to thank you both very, very much for the time, effort, and spirit of community you have built, and for the incredibly hard work of the tour you executed. You brought so many people together through your efforts, and that is not lost regardless of your current situation with this site.

    The community still exists – and will find a new home. With any luck, it will have you guys @ the forefront.

  32. Mike White Photo
    Mike White Photo says:

    Excellent informational site. I hope @Canon_Camera will come to their senses and realize all the business you’ve sent their way. IMO They should be paying sites like yours to do this.

  33. Giga Bytes
    Giga Bytes says:

    It doesnt make sense.. Your site is free publicity… better then this.. Its like a service that they dont even bother to pay.
    I think my fluence in english finishes here… sorry

  34. Nino Leitner
    Nino Leitner says:

    Really sorry to see this site go!

    I guess it’s because you used the Canon name in the title – why not rename it and put the entire content in a new WordPress theme on another domain?

    We all would make sure the new site would become a household name within no time. That’s what the Twitter community is for!

  35. Susan Rapp
    Susan Rapp says:

    Wow…I’m so sorry to hear this. You guys put so much work into this site and brought our crazy community together. Thanks so much for all your support of our Zacuto family. Big, big hugs, ~sue

  36. Jude Charles
    Jude Charles says:

    It is truly sad to see you guys go.

    You guys have definitely made an impact on my career as a DSLR Filmmaker. I participated in the Canon Filmmakers Live Tour with Philip Bloom in Miami and the amount of knowledge and resource obtained from that workshop is truly priceless.

    Jon and Cristina, you guys are truly a hard working team. Look forward to seeing you guys back up soon so that you can continue the great educational work.

    Jude Charles

  37. Ed Ballart
    Ed Ballart says:

    I’m very disappointed to hear of this. You guys have selflessly helped many aspiring film makers and hobbyists through your work on this site and other events in the community. I hope your hiatus is short and refreshing and you come back stronger than ever.

  38. Elliot Charles
    Elliot Charles says:

    Jon & Cristina,

    Its really awesome to know that you guys came so far. With the talent, dedication and love you have from the video community I have no doubt in my mind you guys will be back with bigger and even better than the great content you represented up til now. Its pretty cool to know that you guys are from Philly and basically put the east coast on the map. Like Jason Magbanua once said something like …. “Were Videographers (filmmakers) we cant save the world but we can make a change and have fun while were doing it…” (sorry JMAG if I twisted your words up…nobody could have said it any better than you bro.)

    Jon & Cristina I know that everything has a reason to be so live it up and keep on putting the east coast on the map. Haters… Ooops. …I mean ” technical issues” wont keep any of us down. We are here to stay!

    Warm Regards from Puerto Rico,


  39. Andrew Reid
    Andrew Reid says:

    I just can’t understand this move. I thought Canon supported CF Live, the halo effect it has on sales, the tutorials and the knowledge and promotion of DSLR video.

    I assumed Canon supported DSLR video and wanted to push it.

    So I feel very sympathetic. Jon and Cristina you did a great job here, it won’t be forgotten in a hurry so come back soon.

  40. David Lawlor
    David Lawlor says:

    It’s always sorry to see hard work go to waste, but some of the replies here show a real lack of trademark knowledge from people who are running their own businesses. They have to pursue these kinds of violations or it opens them up to others that would use the name in not so nice ways.

    The real question is did they force you to give up the domain name? If all they wanted is for it to be down, I would register another name and 301 the current domain to the new one. Your host can make the switch on the server in minutes. You’ll lose some search engine traffic but that will come back in roughly 90 days, and your incoming links will still be valid.

  41. Peter Nicoll
    Peter Nicoll says:

    These are the types of things that can truly ruin a relationship with a brand. Up until now a typical corporation will make a camera and get lucky, and through time and good old ingenuity, destroy that niche or fail to listen to their customers. Yet again this is the case. Not to mention the tremendous amount of free advertising that was inciting people to purchase equipment at breakneck speed. Well congratulations “They” you’ve moved yourself out of potential market share with this. Myself and others don’t only buy one camera, we buy 7-8 cameras and more in our lifetime- expensive ones too, not pissant 2300.00 bodies, and lenses too…and we remember how we are treated. I had a problem with another brand and instead of taking the opportunity to keep me loyal for life, they closed the door on a relationship over something as trivial as good customer service. This is far worse, and short sighted. We do not forget, and we are the ones you want.

  42. Daine White
    Daine White says:

    Wow, I am completely shocked that this is happening and disgusted with Canon for doing this to you guys and will never look at the company the same way. I’m glad I was able to attend the workshop and meet not only you guys but Philip and a few others. It’s too bad it has to end but hope everything is resolved peacefully and you guys excel in your personal video business. Hope to see you guys back up doing something else soon as well.

    Maybe if Nikon ups their video features soon…get licensing+lawyers=Nikon Filmmakers?? Probably not haha but best of luck to you guys and thank you for the experience that was —on Filmmakers!

  43. Jesse Springer
    Jesse Springer says:

    Clearly someone (or some corporation) has nothing better to do besides pick on the very people who promote their products and cultivate a community of artists.

    Assuming this is something Canon threw at you, you should just start “Nikon Filmmakers”. I might not buy a Nikon, but I’d join the site…

  44. Diana
    Diana says:

    Change the name! Do something to stay up! I only just discovered you guys!
    Your hard work is greatly appreciated. Even if it isn’t by Canon.

  45. Age
    Age says:

    I was probably the only one that saw C**** Filmakers latest tutorial about C****. Where they were using one of my favorite C**** cameras.

  46. Ron Dawson
    Ron Dawson says:

    I know this is unfortunate, especially given all that Jon and Cristina have done and do for the filmmaking community. But there is a different perspective you have to consider. There are real legal issues at stake for a company like Canon related to their liability. Also, they may want to one day use that URL. Shouldn’t they have the right to since it’s their trademark?

    I implore J & C to export all the content into a new blog and keep up all the great work. (I wrote a commentary about the situation on my blog today for more details).

    Thank you guys for all you do.

    • Jon Connor
      Jon Connor says:

      If they want to use the URL that we bought and built a community in shouldn’t they pay us for that? That only seems fair to me. Check out all the other sites using Canon Trademarks.

      • Ray R
        Ray R says:

        i just registered is that wrong? actually, “canon” is defined as a law enacted by the Roman Catholic Church. i can’t see them barring every use of the word canon. but what do i know? i tell you what, you can find a scumbag attorney on every corner that will make some type of case out of this.. really not worth the headache.

  47. trudie
    trudie says:

    A bit dramatic don’t you think?
    How difficult would it be to transfer all the blog to another site with another name?
    Not so difficult I think some sites do it automatically.

    • Jon Connor
      Jon Connor says:

      No it’s not dramatic. Not sure how difficult it would be to transfer the blog and not sure we want to promote certain things if certain people don’t see the value in what we do for them for free.

      • trudie
        trudie says:

        Did they ask you to promote them? Did you have an agreement? As much as I appreciate the info it’s a little disingenuous to say you were doing this for them. You were doing it to promote yourselves, nothing wrong with this, this is how the blog thing works and I’m kinda tired of the bloggers out there who whine about how much work they are doing for ‘everyone else’. You get to benefit.

        The tour you did using Canon’s name I’m sure didn’t hurt attendance, did you share revenue with Canon? I don’t want to sound like an *** but they spent millions building the Canon brand, they don’t know how you are representing them.

        Do you think Revlon would be happy if I decided to represent myself as a ‘Revlon Makeup Artist’ and tour around the country giving workshops on technique? You should be thankful you got away with this for so long.

        And really it’s pretty easy to transfer a blog. If you were that bothered by Canon you would just create something without their name, there are other DSLR’s out there.

  48. Philip Kuryloski
    Philip Kuryloski says:

    Sad news, I’d like to know more of the details but it’s quite understandable that they aren’t laid out here. I attended the canonfilmmakers live workshop in San Francisco this year, and it was great, thanks for the effort in making that happen. It was a pleasure meeting you all there. I hope that the content here won’t disappear forever with the site. Good luck!

  49. james thorpe
    james thorpe says:

    Sad to see this. This was one of the first websites that i learned about dSLR. You could go cannonfilmmakers and get into explosives. 😉 I hope you continue on but go with a more general approach not canon-specific. Sony, Alexa, Red, Panasonic, Nikon, Leica, etc. Thanks for everything you have shared.

  50. Alex Hill
    Alex Hill says:

    Sorry to read this. I agree with he posts encouraging you to repost your information to a brand new site. Maybe one of the companies you’ve promoted would sponsor the cost to move your content? I’d encourage you to fix the legal compliance issues and continue your work. I’m sure you could find someone to sponsor you. Either way thanks for your efforts and for contributing and leaving your mark! See you both soon I hope! Good luck with whatever path you take.

  51. Aaron Morrell
    Aaron Morrell says:

    Same as always!!
    When someone attempts to help others and share free knowledge and discussions about Knowledge so others can gain some pleasure, aptitude or skills about something they love, those in power will ALWAYS try to put a stop to it.

    You guys have been great and I expect this won’t be the last we hear from you.

    Oh and by-the-way if you’re listening Canon… I’m ashamed to own one of your cameras if this is how you treat those who obviously adore your products. Just shows you really don’t care and are driven on by Corporate greed and blind legal doctrine! No surprise there.

    Jon and Cristina… see you soon.

  52. Dave C
    Dave C says:

    A few comments.

    One, you don’t have to stop blogging, you just have to stop using someone else’s brand they spent billions promoting. I’m surprised you got away with it this long. Instead of getting snippy, you’d be better off negotiating a deal to create content for them on your own site. Ending the blog makes no sense at all. You have your readers addresses, send them the new link.

  53. Kat
    Kat says:

    Truly a sad day. You both have educated and inspired an industry. I believe in you guys and know you will carry on despite “big brother”. This site will be missed!

  54. Michael
    Michael says:

    that BS makes me sad … you should get money for that and not a lawsuit!

    you guys literally were the fist people (and ur blog for that matter) i got in touch with at vimeo and twitter for all the C@^0^ DSLR stuff for filmmaking … over two years ago…

    (old blog post about that:

    well and got the 5##D and the 6#D (thanks to guys like JJ Kim & Nino Leitner as well… who i actually never would have met – i guess – if i had not got in touch with you guys in the first place!)

    so thanks for that … really really aprecciate it!

    oh and ROCK ON!


  55. Paul
    Paul says:

    I am recommending that all those filmmakers and photographers who shoot with C**** DSLR’s or any of their products get a piece of gaffer tape and cover up the C**** logo and name on all of their equipment, buy new straps or at least turn them inside out as a C**** boycott to show them how much marketing they will lose. Please Tweet this with tag #NoCanonLogos to get as many people as possible to cover them up. There is no reason not to use the equipment you spent hard earned money for but lets all just not let their name be seen. I am tweeting it right now.

  56. Carlos
    Carlos says:

    I’ll say it with these words…

    “Do not go gentle into that good night,
    Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
    Because their words had forked no lightning they
    Do not go gentle into that good night.

    Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
    Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
    And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
    Do not go gentle into that good night.

    Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
    Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    And you, my father, there on the sad height,
    Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
    Do not go gentle into that good night.
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

    -Dylan Thomas

    I say fight them! Don’t let them tell you what to do, what to say, or how to act. Fight On!

    I’m just saying. 🙂

  57. Jessica Ringor
    Jessica Ringor says:

    Thanks so much for all the advice, information and inspiration over the last couple of years! You two are an asset to our community and it’s sad when BIG business can’t see the intent behind a site like this.

    I am with Phil: “Show them you can’t keep you off the net…oh and start using Panasonics too!!” ~ Love me some GH2

    Best wishes on your future endeavors! Glad I made it to Cannon Filmmakers Live when I had the chance. 🙂

  58. Paul Mohn
    Paul Mohn says:

    SUGGESTION: We’ll assume that the conflict arises from the use of the name Canon – SO. Simply change the name of the site, continue the good work, and avoid naming a manufacturer in the promotion of the site. It wouldn’t take much to re-register with a new name, transfer files, tutorials, etc., and edit current content to remove proprietary names of companies that could be construed as “infringement”. As far as the suggestions and content, those are the property of the site creators, not the companies.

  59. Isabel
    Isabel says:

    I’m sorry to hear this .. but you guys are forces to be reckoned with. You’ll pop up elsewhere – bigger and better. Thanks for your generosity of spirit and mind.

  60. Barb
    Barb says:

    I’m a Nikon user, but this still burns me up. I hope you have a file of all your postings so that if you read something on a “legal” site that looks just like what you had on yours, you can send your own “cease & desist” letter. Good luck and thanks for trying to help other shooters!

  61. MarthinFort
    MarthinFort says:

    Don’t stop Jon + Christina.
    Change the name so that you can use more different cameras.

    You guys are heroes for the (indie) filmmaking community.

    Rock on !

  62. dorian
    dorian says:

    Really sad to see such a valuable source of information, inspiration and brand loyalty shutting down – instead of being pushed and supported by the company that takes profit of it. As a lifelong C@n0n-customer and, yeas, kind of a fanboy (starting at the age of 15 with an analogue EOS 100, followed by an EOS 33, then all along the digital line from 20D, to 40D and 5DII + nearly a dozen lenses) I really can see a bad development also in other areas – less customer service, worse quality control, fading interest in customer needs…

    Finally, last year I bought my first non-canon system-cameras – an Oly Pen E-P1 and a Panasonic GH2 plus the 5 most important lenses for the system. Both cameras and most of the lenses were an excellent choice. The Panny is – even compared to a 5DII – the better video-DSLR. More versatile, smaller, lighter, superb viewfinder, better video-quality to name a few of the reasons. If the overall development continues, and C@n0n is losing even more ground in terms of overall “consumer-friendliness” and in terms of technological development – I’ll completely switch to Micro-Four-Thirds soon.

    As a professional (print-)journalist, writing an average of 80 pages/year for german photo- and video-magazines, this also strongly affects my professional interests. More and more Panasonic-centered articles, less C@n0n-stuff. If someone asks me these days, which camera to buy (happens about twice a month…), more and more often I advise a Panny or Oly over a “real” DSLR. Not only for reasons of size and weight. At least 2 people followed my advice (Panny G2/Oly E-PL1) in the last weeks = 2 customers less for the big “C”.

    Don’t know how many purchases have been triggered by the superb articles here on canonfilmmakers. Probably hundreds. Obviously C@n0n has not yet realized the signs of the time: viral advertising via the internet, fans promoting your products, a hype in the blogosphere – all that is FOR FREE. If you’re not thankful for it, if you actually frustrate those people doing half of the marketing-work for you, the tide will turn soon…

    If there is one thing to learn for the big companies: Never piss of your best customers.

  63. Jon Roemer
    Jon Roemer says:

    Sorry to see this happen but can’t say that I’m surprised. Canon is running their own workshops pretty much full steam. I’m sure they don’t want confusion regarding their in-house approved/produced stuff vs. others.

    That said, and as others have said, register a new domain name and move the blog. In this day and age it couldn’t be simpler. In the long run if the site is about filmmaking do you really want it tied to one specific brand of camera?

  64. Tom Buttaccio
    Tom Buttaccio says:

    Dear C@^0^,

    Please get your big fat heads out of your tight little asses. This site was one of the sites that helped me decide to switch from a Sony AVCHD cam to using a C@^0^ DSLR with 3 L Series lenses!!!

    – – – – – – – – – –

    Dear C@^0^ Filmmakers,

    Please keep doing what you are doing. Hold a contest and solicit site names from your website visitors! Just rename the site and keep it going, please!

  65. HD Cam Team
    HD Cam Team says:

    VERY SAD, and pathetic.

    It seems Canon does NOT understand how much users and community help the company profit.

    By spreading tips, tech info and experiences using your Canon cameras, you also promote them, increasing sales. IT IS SO OBVIOUS.

    But instead, they worry more about the “Canon” name in the domain name (we’re assuming that it is “the problem”.. almost sure about it).

    If Canon was willing to give more to customers, and not to spend time and resources in things like these, we would have MUCH better FEATURES IMPLEMENTATION on our cameras and much better CUSTOMER SUPPORT.

    They always say they “listen to customers”… Being a company that makes cameras, they do not seem to “see” the BIG HELP their own customers do for the company when creating groups, blogs and related websites. They seem to not understand the meaning of “Web 2.0” either.

    But even further, what about Canon “kyosei” philosophy…?

    Big greetings to Jon and Cristina!

    -HD Cam Team
    PS: Quoted text from Canon Inc.:

    Canon’s Corporate Philosophy of Kyosei

    The corporate philosophy of Canon is kyosei.

    A concise definition of this word would be “Living and working together for the common good,” but our definition is broader: “All people, regardless of race, religion or culture, harmoniously living and working together into the future.” Unfortunately, the presence of imbalances in our world in such areas as trade, income levels and the environment hinders the achievement of kyosei.

    Addressing these imbalances is an ongoing mission, and Canon is doing its part by actively pursuing kyosei. Truly global companies must foster good relations, not only with their customers and the communities in which they operate, but also with nations and the environment.
    They must also bear the responsibility for the impact of their activities on society. For this reason, Canon’s goal is to contribute to global prosperity and the well-being of mankind, which will lead to continuing growth and bring the world closer to achieving kyosei.

  66. Maribeth
    Maribeth says:

    “Ya live, Ya learn, Ya get Luvs” Oh *%#*, can I say that! I don’t think you guys should stop doing what your doing, but I do think that you have to do it in a different way.

  67. Steve M.
    Steve M. says:

    “it’s not fair, but life isn’t” You’re right about that, it’s a gift. Hopefully, you’ll realize that at some point.
    I’m sorry to hear you’ll be leaving, I did enjoy visiting your site. I wish you the very best!

  68. LT
    LT says:

    Back from holiday to the bad news. OUCH.
    I think I’m in the minority, but you should fight it.
    Canon should be ashamed.
    I have been buying canon gear for the last 30 years.
    I will continue buying, but with a little less respect now.
    The fact is Canon has a “stills” bias. If you are from the
    “motion” crowd they look at us like third rate citizens.
    Right now they have some hot products, but as they show a lack if loyalty to us, we may soon repay them.

    You guys will be up again soon with a new fun site.
    Creators create, the tool really is irrelevant.

  69. Karel
    Karel says:

    I have to say, I’m surprised by so many people rolling over for Canon here in the comments. With that attitude it’s no wonder that they feel like they can screw around with everyone online. I don’t understand this fear people have for Canon. In the last 3-4 years I have seen this everywhere, people are afraid to speak up about things. Have you wondered why Canon lost their lead to Nikon? It’s because all the photographers using Canon gear were too busy kissing Canon’s ass instead of being critical and telling them what we need. This is still happening and I could name names and give examples but I won’t. I for one hope that Jon does whatever he can do to fight back.

  70. Batty
    Batty says:

    Just found this AMAZING resource, unfortunately too late. I’m scouring through it as quickly as possible. Much love to your efforts, the community immensely thanks you.

  71. Daniel Bean
    Daniel Bean says:

    Maybe you could start a cause on IndieGogo, Rockethub, or Kickstarter and get people to donate. That may be able to fund your campaign to protect your right to continue this web site. Maybe that could help pay for lawyers, and your own time working on it. And maybe that could also convince your opposition that if there are enough people willing to back you not only with words, but with financial contributions, then maybe it’s not worth it for them to try to stop your cause. If there was a cause started on a crowd funding site, I’d contribute.

  72. Josh
    Josh says:

    Sad to hear as your site is a great resource. If it is a legal threat from Canon it is a very very simple task to change your logo and URL since you are on WordPress though! No transferring of data would be necessary.

  73. Andrew B
    Andrew B says:

    This is the kind of behavior that makes me not purchase a companies products, and I will definitely remember it when (if?) I finally decide to buy into a DSLR system.

  74. JDF
    JDF says:

    because of this attitude from C company, i won’t buy anymore from them, and will not any longer suggest their cameras to my buddies. Sorry C. You did a VERY wrong move. Nikon here I come.

  75. Boogieman
    Boogieman says:

    You have a trademarked name in your domain. You are touring the country as doing workshops.

    I own Canons, I love your blog and all the info on it.
    But you can NOT go out and represent a company without permission and ride on their brand. If you charged for your workshops under this name you are actually LUCKY that all they did was sent you a C&D. (Cease 7 Desist)

    And no they should NOT pay you for taking the domain, you took their name without paying any type of licensing for using their name, they simply protect their brand. I highly doubt they will use this domain for anything else then to simply redirect it to their own workshop site. And it is their good right.

    I honestly would move the blog, redirect it to where ever you are going to put it, as long as you have control over it (ICAN) will take it sooner or later.
    And possibly negotiate something with them, you have their attention now, turn it into a positive and don’t let your heads hang!

    Good luck and thanks for all the good articles.

  76. Francis Shephard
    Francis Shephard says:

    stuff the name, just change your sites name and re-publish, its very easy to do in wordpress. Come on you’ve created something of great substance and to just let it go because of a corporate bully, screw them, change the name, keep it going. Its the substance that counts not the name.


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