Unscientific Low Light Battle

Joe Simon and his cat, Fat Head, decided to do an unscientific low light test with his 5d MKII, 5d MKIII, and the C300 so I thought I’d share.

Here’s some more information from Joe:

“This comparison, like the title states in unscientific.… I’m doing this for myself and since I’m already doing it I thought I would share it with the interweb. I made this as fair as I could with all the cameras involved.
All the settings were matched on the cameras, and I set the MKIII to the color profile setting that I run on my MKII. It is a flat setting that I have used for years. In the “faithful” setting, contrast and sharpness at 1, saturation at 2.
I had the C300 set up on a setting that I use to match it to my 5DMKII… I did change the C300 to CLOG after 6400ISO to give it better performance and less noise artifacts, I then applied the LUT to it.
Since the C300 has a crop factor I had to run a different lens on it. I had the L 24-70 2.8 on both 5D’s set to 34mm(I have two of those lenses) to match the 24mm L lens I had on the C300. Once the test hits 6400ISO, both the C300 and 5DMKIII use the Canon 24mm L 1.4 lens.
You will also notice that I had a hall light on during the first half of the test. Once it switches to the f1.4 setting on the 24mm lens that light is turned off and the only light you see is from the candle.
Make sure to Download the 1080p version to see what the comparison really looks like. The Vimeo compression really muddies things up with all cameras.
The First 3 shots were at 2.8 1250 ISO, and the last shot with the candle being blow out was the C300 at 1.4 with the 24mmL lens at 3200 ISO with LUT applied.
Thanks for checking out the battle, let me know if you have other questions.
Download the 1080p Prores version here – joesimonfilms.com/lowlightbattle/Low_Light_Battle.mov (Right click “download linked file as”)”

Here’s a shot of Fat Head setting up the C300.

If you’d like to see some of Joe’s work make sure you check out his new company, The Delivery Men and if you’ll be at NAB take advantage of his full day workshop if you can.





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  1. John Marc Green
    John Marc Green says:

    It looks like the 5D3 is a bit brighter at ISO 12,800 than the C300 at the same setting, which makes sense since it’s a full frame camera, and about the same visual brightness to my eye as the C300 at ISO 20000. That is great news to me as a 5D3 owner; I don’t pine as much for a C300, although now I wish I had more L glass! 🙂


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