Notes From the Editing Cave: The Ryan Prout Edition

Ryan Prout


Twitter: @lifebyryan

How long have you been an editor? What do you primarily edit? What is your NLE of choice?

I’ve been an editor for 4 years, projects ranging from short films, feature docs to branded
entertainment and straight down the line corporate.

NLE – Final Cut 7

What personality traits or characteristics do you think it takes to be a successful editor?

I think patience, the ability to really listen to people, adding your creative input while leaving your
ego aside.

In your mind what is the biggest mistake most editors make?

In a corporate sense, probably the biggest mistake is not reading their client properly, I see it all the
time, a client could want something so simple and straight down the line with corporate music but
the editor thinks they know better and tries to make something crazy/flashy but ends up having to
redo it all as it’s not what the client wanted.

In an overall sense, the biggest mistake is bad time management, it is a skill knowing how long
something will take you to put together, I guess this only comes with experience.

What’s your biggest pet peeve when editing?

Biggest pet peeve for me would be lazy/careless Directors, DOP’s, CAM Ops. When they just
dump b-grade badly thought out footage off, put in their invoice and leave you to fix it all up in post
and be the face of the project from there on out. You learn who not to work with very quickly.

What do you most enjoy about editing?

The finished product, seeing something you edited together on a big screen and people loving it, on
the web and it racking up views and positive comments. I really love that part.

Any advice for someone just getting started in editing?

Learn how to tell a story with the footage you have access to, download youtube vids and make
your own new edit, get involved in anything you can. And learn After effects! definitely learn after
affects! Also, go pick up a camera and go out on shoots whenever you can, understanding what
happens on a shoot will help you more than ever.

What is the biggest challenge you face as an editor?

Biggest Challenge is keeping inspiration and enthusiasm up, when you’ve spent 3 months on a big
edit, you are tired, worn out, moody and probably have a nice new smoking habit.

Take your breaks and always get a new set of eyes on your project, it can give you the boost you
need to keep trucking.

If you had to compare editing to something else what would it be and why?

If editors were in a band, we’d be the drummers, never getting the girl or glory but we make that
end product what it is.

Most annoying editing trend since barn door wipes?

Film burns, ah how lovely they were a year ago.

Your thoughts on dissolves? Is it just a crutch? Does it ever actually serve a purpose?

I still dust off the cross dissolve every now and then, they are the ‘Red headed step child’ of your
effects family, you gotta love em just like the other kids.


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