What is the Best Camera for Filmmaking?

We share the belief that “the best camera is the one you have.” I was going through some hard drives when, I stumbled across a folder named Alaska. I looked in it and found a ton of BTS footage from our trip to Kivalina, Alaska that I honestly forgot we had even shot. We had to travel light since we would eventually be taking a bush plane to the remote island. In no way, shape or form are we claiming these videos below are cinematic masterpieces. The flaws are so numerous I wouldn’t know where to start. The footage at points is shaky handheld and the audio is atrocious in parts due to the wind. 95 % of this video was shoot with a $300 Sony TX5 which is a digital point and shoot. The reason we used that camera was two-fold. First, it was small enough to carry on every plane we flew on and second it is waterproof. Anyway, here’s what we cut together with the found footage. The first part is titled “To The End of the Earth” because when the initial talks about us shooting this were underway, Mike Collins asked me, “How do you feel about flying to the end of the earth to shoot a documentary.” With that simple question our journey was set in motion. To this day it still remains one of the most life-changing experiences I’ve ever had. So, although this isn’t a cinematic masterpiece, we feel it tells the story and shares a small glimpse into what we saw and were feeling on this trip. I’m glad we weren’t so obsessed with resolution and camera specs that we didn’t shoot any BTS because it wasn’t up to standards. Sometimes, it’s okay to shoot and edit something because you just want to.

To The End of The Earth

The Sad Goodbye

To read more on the initial project check out Reel World: Kivalina


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