5 Reasons Being Miserable All The Time Will Leave You Unemployed

1) Because, seriously, is it that bad?

Stop it with the moping already. We get it. You’re starting to sound stupid. 80% of humanity lives on $10 a day or less. If you’re in the 20% but your sense of self-entitlement is so large that you’re miserable, even after reading that stat; reevaluate your life.

2) Negativity is for groups of 2 or less.

In person, being negative is only okay, if it’s you and one other person. You also must be negative towards a common: person, place or thing. Think Waldorf and Statler from the Muppets. You start getting too many people involved and the whole thing goes to shit. Let’s get the ground rules straight.

3) How many chronically unemployable people do you see bitching on Facebook everyday?

I rest my case.

4) You can’t high-five if you’re miserable.

Think about it. It just wouldn’t work. You can’t do a halfhearted high-five. You need to commit.

5) Think about the single most negative person you possibly can.

Would you hire them?


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  1. Jeremy Pommier
    Jeremy Pommier says:


    I stumbled upon your blog from an old Philip Bloom article. I seriously needed this. Thank you!


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