5 Reasons Why Being Happy All The Time May Kill Your Career

1) No one should be happy all of the time.

It doesn’t seem right. When people are too happy, all of the time, I don’t trust them. In my head, I think, “No one should be that happy. There’s something fishy going on here.”

2) Everyone deserves to be miserable.

Go ahead. Be miserable. You earned it. Being miserable can be healthy or if it’s not healthy, at least it’s a sign you’re still alive and give a shit.

3) Ask yourself this. Do I want to be around someone that is happy 100% of the time?

Personally, I don’t. If other people share this sentiment, they are not going to hire you.

4) Miserable people create great art.

Van Gogh chopped off his ear. Bob Ross was EXTREMELY happy when he was painting. I rest my case.

5) I could be totally wrong.

Which would make me extremely unhappy.


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