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Ads That Inspire – The Andrea Nordgren Edition

Andrea Nordgren @AndreaNordgren Creative Director/Producer (at Equity: Director of Strategy) Nike Find Your Greatness. – Nike – Wieden + Kennedy Q. What is it about this particular ad that inspires you? A. This ad makes me feel like we are all connected as a human race. It puts me in touch with the things we […]

Adam Forgione on Today’s Podcast

I met Adam Forgione about 2 years ago. Anyone who has spent some time with him or even heard him speak at an event can tell you that his energy is incredibly contagious. Karen and I are very excited to have him on our show today. Adam has been keeping himself super busy over the […]

Ads That Inspire

The word inspire gets thrown around a lot in our industry. People tend to focus on WHO is inspiring who or how your work inspires others but in a world where we’re consistently surronded by advertisements, how is it that we neglect to mention them during our deep and meaningful conversations about inspiration. Over the […]

Calling All Ladies

Nowadays it’s become more difficult to attend as many educational events as I’d like. I still try to make time for two every year because it’s important for my own growth as a filmmaker and let’s face it, online education is just not the same as in person learning. One thing I haven’t had a […]

Kirsten Lepore on Tomorrow’s Podcast

This past week our podcasts have undergone some major changes that we’re thrilled about. First off, we just released our Masters In Motion app and you can easily listen to our podcasts on there. Another big thing is that we finally got our podcasts on iTunes! Now keep in mind that in order to watch […]

Introducing Our New App

In order to enhance the mobile phone user’s experience when using our website, we’re proud to announce that we now have apps for the iPhone, iPad, Android phones, and tablets. Download the iPhone and iPad version here. Download the Android version here. If you run into any problems, feel free to e-mail us at info@shooteditlearn.com.

What My Dad Taught Me

For those of you who know us or have been following our blog, you know we do not typically talk about holidays but today is a special one for both Jon and I. Like many, it took us a long time to fully appreciate our parents and understand that they always had our best interest […]