Canon 60D 1000 FPS with Apple Motion Tutorial

You have all seen the 7D 1000 fps BMX video by now I am sure. The guy that made the video slowed it down to almost a stand still with incredible results using Twixtor. Here we have a tutorial from Crumple Pop for achieving good results just using Apple Motion, which if you are using FCP, it already comes bundled with.

Here’s the tutorial:

Here is the final result:

This should work fine with any of the Canon DSLR’s that shoot 60p i.e T2i, 7D, 1DMKIV.

Getting Started with Magic Bullet Looks in Final Cut Pro

Everything we cut in FCP gets some level of color grading using Magic Bullet Looks. Here’s a cool video to help you understand the software a bit better.

Would anyone be interested in a more in-depth tutorial on grading with Magic Bullet Looks? I was thinking of doing one but wasn’t sure if it would be helpful. Also if you have any tricks or tips feel free to share them in the comment section.