Patrick Moreau is quite literally, obsessed with story. No, not that word ‘story’ that often gets tossed around with little meaning. The story that refers to the timeless tradition shared well before we had written language. He believes that story is unparalleled in it’s ability to bring people together. And so he spends his days telling stories through his filmmaking at Stillmotion and helping others be empowered by story through their Muse storytelling process.

He believes that we must “guide the heart, but move the mind”—that we need to connect emotionally if we want to change the behavior or perspective of our audience. It’s a philosophy that’s been presented to global business leaders at the United Nations in 2014, as well as a Salem, OR Tedx event.

He’s worked for some big brands, directed several documentaries, won some Emmy’s, but more than any of that, he’s a real dude that loves the craft of filmmaking and how it’s a skeleton key to unlock so much wonder in this world.