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Alex Buono

Ryan Connolly

Philip Bloom

Eliot Rausch

Shane Hurlbut, ASC

Vincent Laforet

Andy Baker

Joe Sciacca

Khalid Mohtaseb

Jon Bregel

Nick Midwig

Tom Guilmette

Learn. Network. Rinse. Repeat. December 1-4 in Austin,Texas 


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“MIM is a blast for both the attendees as well as the speakers. You get to spend several days with fellow filmmakers and speakers to discuss the latest trends, philosophies, and techniques both in formal and informal settings. I look forward to meeting the attendees as well as fellow instructors every year that fly in from around the world. The workshop is also extremely well managed and efficient resulting in one of the best weeks of learning you’ll get anywhere that I can recommend without reservation.” Vincent Laforet, Pulitzer Prize Winning Photographer, Director, DP.

A new camera doesn’t make you a better filmmaker, knowledge and experience do, and that is what MIM has brought me. - Klaus Pedersen, Creative Director Gaffa Media

” If someone asked me, ‘What was the most inspiring thing for you last year ?’  I wouldn’t need a second to come up with the answer. The most inspiring thing for me last year was attending Masters In Motion. Which is the reason I signed up for 2013 on the first day of registration.

Why was it so great you might ask?

It is the people… it is always about the people. The people attending, the people teaching, the people organising, it is all about the people and you will never meet a cooler group of people in the filmmaking community than at Masters In Motion. For me it is a considerably investment attending MIM. I live in Switzerland and this year I am bringing one of my employees as well, so with flights and hotels it is an investment that could have bought us an extra Canon C100 with sweets on top, so I put my money where my mouth is. A new camera doesn’t make you a better filmmaker, knowledge and experience do, and that is what MIM has brought me. Besides being spoiled with some of the best and most successful people in the industry as speakers, you will also meet likeminded filmmakers among the other attendees. Last year was my first MIM and I got so many great connections and friends. My best advise to you if you want to skyrocket your productions is to sign up today and let’s meet at MIM 2013.” - Klaus Pedersen, Creative Director Gaffa Media