Our goal with Masters in Motion is simple. To create an event where like minded creatives can gather, learn and network. Going into our eigth year now, we have built a community that fosters personal and professional growth for filmmakers and digital storytellers.

As we began to transition to shooting primarily with DSLRs, we wanted to share what we were learning from our various shoots and edits. Shoot Edit Learn quickly evolved into a community of independent filmmakers wanting to share their experiences and knowledge.

As the blog grew, and continuing our education became more imperative, the Masters In Motion workshops were created. In an environment that is filled with educational events, we set out to develop filmmaking workshops that went beyond the basics and focused on more than just gear. 

We feel incredibly fortunate to be doing what we love and a lot of the people that we’ve met along the way are still great friends. Masters In Motion has become more than a blog and  bigger than a workshop. The community that has grown out of this has become a family.

We hope that you enjoy the site.

Jon Connor + Cristina Valdivieso

If you want to hear more about the origin of Masters in Motion and our story listen to the Modern Cinematographer podcast here: http://www.cinematographydb.com/2016/08/masters-in-motion-jon-connor/